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Charborough Road Primary School

Charborough Road Primary School

Support for Parents

My name is Mrs Laura Barney. I would like to introduce myself as the Family Link Worker at Charborough Road, and to try to answer some of the questions you may have about my role in school.

Who Can I Help?

I am here for every child and parent.   As we all know, there are many things that can affect children during their time at school, things like:      

  • Friendships                              
  • Fighting and aggression
  • Mealtimes
  • Bedtimes and sleeping
  • Routines
  • Relationships at home
  • Bereavement
  • Toileting


Sometimes it's hard to find the solutions to these problems and it can be a worrying and frustrating time for both you and your child.


How can I help you?

I am here to listen to your concerns and to give you as much support as I can.  I work closely with the staff to build good relationships between home and school, so that I can provide the right type of support for your family. I may be able to offer you some advice or put you in touch with other professionals who can help you.

I may help by working with your child in school. However it happens, by working together we can find the solutions that will work best for you and your family and give your child the best chance to enjoy and achieve during their time at school.

If you would like to arrange a meeting please contact me via email: or through the school office.